Mahmoud Metwally

Web & User Experince Designer

I'm Mahmoud Metwally, 24 years old, Web/UI/UX Designer with 4+ years of professional experience, Expert to work closely with the Product management team and shape ideas to look awesome, brilliant and usable to your target users.

Usually I work with papers and pencil then make ideas looks pretty using Adobe Photoshop then make it live and interactive by HTML/CSS and JS/Jquery.

You can check my portfolio and my latest projects on Behance

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Ibrahim AbdElfatah

Ibrahim Abd Elfatah

Web Technologies Manager at Bravo Agency

Mahmoud offers the smoothest work experience one may seek. He knows exactly what needs to be done once he gets the project's brief..and he delivers! His experience is really proven everytime we work together and at each time he shows to me how much he has been enhancing his technical skills more and ... more

Hassan Ibrahim

Hassan Ibrahim

Android Developer / Ogra Software Co-Founder

Mahmoud is a great web designer, he is creative and thinks outside the box. Mahmoud also realizes the context of the design and works accordingly, away from generalized templates. While maintaining his creative factor, Mahmoud takes user input and accepts feedback about his designs and he does his best at integrating or applying them.

Ahmed Soliman

Ahmed Soliman Farghal

Sr. R&D Manager, Founder at Cloud Niners Ltd.

Mahmoud is a highly skilled design and UI engineer, he has been very clever and creative during our cooperation period and I would recommend him as a Graphic/UI designer to anybody who is interested in marvelous work.

Amal Alshihaby

Amal Alshihaby

Software Team Leader at Cloud Niners

Mahmoud is a creative UI engineer. He always has the ability to improve his skills. During working with him, he was so collaborative and made a huge impact on our company’s products.

Alsayed Gamal

Al Sayed Gamal

Technical Team Lead at Miracles

محمود شخص مجتهد جدا و مش بييأس بسرعة .. لا يمانع التغيير وأهم ما فيه إنه بيحب شغله ومرتبط بيه عاطفيا .. يعني بيحب يشوف شغله حلو ..